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If there ever is a HPC in future, these would definitely be on the menu. My favourites picks for lunch.

Pumpkin soup with garlic cream foam

Pumpkin soup with garlic cream foam

Roasted veggie sandwich

Roasted veggie sandwich

Portobello mushroom burger

Portobello mushroom burger

Lazy Saturday


The term ‘lazy weekends’ seldom apply to us and when we actually had what seemed like a ‘lazy Saturday afternoon’ yesterday (that’s after the housework of sweeping, mopping, cleaning etc are done), we were quite clueless on what we could do.

Staying home is a good idea (think weekend town crowd + F1 everyone else  is everywhere crowd) and cooking lunch seemed a start. I was quite keen to finish off the food had been stored in the kitchen cabinets,  so, zzz did some grocery shopping and whipped us a meal of koka instant mee with vegetable stock and bonito fish flakes, plenty of vegetables, mushrooms and boiled pork.

Ah. comfort food. Never-mind the health quotient. A piping hot bowl of soup always guarantee a  smile…and a *burp.


steamed white pomfret

Stir fried dou miao

Poached chicken with warm ginger sauce

Some friends I know tell me a Chinese would need rice for every meal.

I am not that extreme, but I do like Chinese meals.  The concept of communal dinning, with a bowl of plump fluffy rice, plate heaped with stir fried greens and whole steamed fish, together with family or friends sounds like the best thing that could happen in a day.

zzz hardly prepares Chinese food for meals. Probably because there are many 高手s around and its much better to leave it done by the experts.

But zzz did decide to venture into Chinese cooking last Sunday. Since my mum bought 2 pomfrets for steaming. it would be strange to have them done western style.

The result? Not a bad attempt at cooking a meal of 家常便饭 ( a simple home cooked meal). Well done!!

Eat. Healthy.

Dinner @862 has recently taken on a Japanese twist. All because zzz borrowed a book from NLB (yes, our national library IS ONE OF THE BEST!!) by Kimiko Barber titled “Japanese Pure and Simple”.

Japanese food/cuisine (if you like) has this simple allure with the quest for perfection, balance of food with beauty, and all that invisible zen around, its really hard to not like it. In any case, Japanese fare has always been enjoyed everywhere. The sushi chains, ramen shops, new modern Japanese cafes (now what’s that?!) –  all the too-commercial restaurants that have sprouted everywhere are sure evidence.

For us, there are only a handful of shops  we will  gladly choose for a Japanese meal – among them are Nansuttei or Ikoi. I didn’t used to be or meant to be picky, that only happened when we got repeatedly disappointed by the franchise shops which decided cost efficiency is more important than quality.

Anyways.  Here are 2 recipes which zzz tried over the past weeks. They look pretty easy, obviously, i only ate, so i wouldn’t know more. There were more, but i just got too hungry to snap snap – bad bad me.

Number one dashi stock

1 postcard-sized piece of konbu (kelp seaweed)

1 ltr of water

20 dried bonito flakes (roughly a handful)

Soak the konbu in the measured water in a saucepan for at least 30 mins (ideally 1 hr) before placing it over a moderate heat. If you have not had enough time to siak the konbu, lower the heat to low/moderate to allow more time for the konbu to infuse the water/

Take out the konbu when it begins to float and a few small bubbles start to appear. Pour in a ladle of cold water followed by the bonito flakes. Turn up the heat slightly and cook until the liquid returns to boil, but do not let it come to a full boil; turn off the heat. Let the bonito flakes settle to the bottom and strain the dashi through a fine sieve lined with a piece of kitchen paper.

Grilled asparagus in dashi

20 asparagus spears

2 tbsps vegetable oil

100 ml dashi stock

50ml soy sauce

25ml mirin

An asparagus spear has a natural breaking point when you bend it, so break the spears with you hands and discard the hard lower parts. brush each spear with vegetable oil and frill for 10 mins., turning them over to cook evenly. meanwhile, mix the dashi stock, soy sauce and mirin in a flat-based dish. Transfer the cooked asparagus spears to the dish while they are hot to let them absorb the flavors fof the dashi mixture and serve.

Hokkaido salmon and potato miso soup

150 gm salmon fillet


150g potatoes, peeled

100g carrots, cut into bite-sized chunks

150g cabbage, roughly cut

150g leeks, chopped diagionally

1 tsp grated garlic

1.2 ltrs dashi stock

2-3 heaped tbsps medium colored miso paste

2 spring onions, chopped diagionally

Cut the salmon fillet into bite-sized chunks, sprinkle with salt and set aside

Chop the potatoes into bite-sized chunks and soak in water while you prepare the other vegetables. Drain the potatoes. Put the salmon and all vegetables in a saucepan with the dashi stock and bring to boil over a moderate heat. Reduce the heat to low and simmer for about 20mins, spooning off any scum that floats to the surface

Put the miso paste in a small bowl and add a ladle of soup to dilute. Add the miso mixture to the soup and stir to blend, Adjust the seasoning with salt if necessary. Let the soup return to the boil and add the chopped spring onions. Turn off the heat and serve in warmed soup dishes.

If the rice above looks like a little brown. It is. That’s because we used brown rice. OK, so its not Japanese, but we figured its the taste and essence that counts!!

Sweet endings

we love vegetables

yes, seriously. we do.

we love it so much as can buy and eat ALOT for a meal

and to get the good&healthy stuff. like this. hmm.

but of course we indulge too

and ever since zzz got this....

yummy treats are 'tested'. *burp*

like this too

I will never resist chocolate or peanut butter cupcakes from zzz!!

but we don't forget our all-time favorites - Cheesecake! ANYTIME.

its the holiday season and zzz has been busy whipping up delicious meals, after meals.

now that the year is here and celebration comes to a stop (until Chinese New Year in Feb 2011 that is), time to return back to the normal routine.

that means ONLY 3 meals, less desserts and more vegetable days.

until CNY, then the ba kwa (bbq sweet pork), pineapple tarts, snacks and seafood feast will start!