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Korova Cookies – Chocolates pretending to be cookies

One benefit of having a 3 kg bag of Valhorna chocolate (see previous post) stored in your wine chiller (yes, the chiller stores 2 of zzz’s favorite things now), is that we can have all the sweets we want, whenever we want, as long as the chocolates last. So when zzz was done with the L’Orange, he continued to flip the good old cyber pages from cafe fernando and found this.

I always loved cookies, its a super easy, feel good snack. But this cookie, is no ordinary comfort food. Its so intense, it shines from the rest.  It basically qualifies as chocolate, but with a different texture – chewiness and slight saltiness of  cookie mixed with the smoothness and bitter sweet taste of chocolate.


Recipe adapted from http://cafefernando.com/korova-cookies/