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petit chocolate cake – Sumana’s best friend

chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting

Sumana getting her "high" and really got (sugar) high not long after

Giving dous (Sumana) chocolate is quite a dangerous thing to do. The after effects would either have her running amok in the streets – sometimes without her shoes, attempting to give herself a new hairstyle, or simply talking non-stop the whole time.

This time when her ah-dang zzz baked her a 3 layer petite chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese, she was so happy, she went around our house and kept kissing and eventually ‘kidnapped’ our soft toy gingerbread man and brought it home. hmm.

I wonder what she will do the next time. 🙂

Recipe from http://www.masterchef.com.au/four-tier-chocolate-layer-cake.htm

Sumana’s Black Velvet Birthday Cake

Black Velvet cake with White Chocolate Buttercream Frosting and Chocolate-coated Strawberries

Dous and her fav Yiyi

Black velvet cake recipe here. (Cream cheese in frosting replaced with melted white chocolate.)

Time really flies.
Dearie dous is already 4!! We love her so so much 🙂
Doesn’t she look like me?? heheh :p

zzz made a yummy black velvet chocolate cake for her birthday.
obviously, she devoured it!