Monthly Archives: March 2015

Xiaoliang’s (daddy’s) MEE HAR

‘Mee ha’ actually refers to mee sua (chinese vermicelli made from wheat flour). To Xiaoliang, it refers to any noodles. The term kind of stuck since she could not mouth ‘s’ when she was younger.

Mee Sua is super easy to cook and pack especially when travelling. It’s also super easy to swallow and thus a good baby food. Even better if the noodles break into smaller pieces. 

 Our options of noodles have now extended to various forms including spaghetti, which she slurps up every time. With her preference of noodles over rice, we think she’s an ang mo kia (literally westernised kiddo).

It’s encouraging to see that Xiaoliang takes to a range of eating habits and choices. Daddy and ah ma just have to work harder to figure out the variations.