Pan-seared kim bak lor, reminiscences of Parisan meals

Inspired by the nice nice fish dishes that we had in Paris, such as

Seared St. Pierre with parsnip mash and pumpkin reduction at Glou


Roasted cod steak with thyme at Vin & Maree


Sole meuniere at Le Bistrot du Dome

zzz decided to give his take on a pan-seared kim bak lor (our local sea-bass!).

Pan-seared Kim bak lor (sea bass) with bacon, roasted veges and sweet potato mash

Secret to a fillet with crispy skin and succulent flesh: Lay fish skin-side down on hot oiled pan and DO NOT DISTURB for a few minutes. Fish will naturally release off the pan and not stick when the skin crisp up. Flip over and turn off the heat to finish cooking the flesh side.

Recipe adapted from Jamie Oliver’s 30-min meals

Learn how to fillet a fish: Watch this inspiring video

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