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饺子 and 五香 (ngoh hiang) in prep for reunion dinner

home-made pork and cabbage dumplings

Ngoh Hiang

Recipe for dumplings from and

Recipe for Ngoh Hiang:

– 1 kg minced pork (used 腿肉 here)
– 600g prawns, peeled and deviened
– 3 chinese leeks, white parts only
– about 12 shallots
– about 12 water chestnuts, cleaned thoroughly and peeled
– 2 heaping tablespoons cornflour
– 1 egg
– salt, pepper, five spice powder, light soy sauce, to taste
– 1 1/2 large beancurd skin, wiped with a damp cloth to remove excess salt

Finely chop all ingredients (spare the beancurd skin and egg of course!) and combine in a bowl. Add egg, cornflour and seasonings. Mix well by hand. Wrap in rectangular sheets of beancurd skin (roll ~3 rounds). Steam 15 mins. Freeze for later use.

To eat, deep fry or bake in oven (drizzle with oil) until skin turns golden brown.