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Home baked celebrations

Happy Birthday Mummy!!


happy ah-mas and dous

Celebrated mum’s birthday at home with a home baked pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting, covered with walnuts all round. She originally wanted a cream-based cake (mum insisted no chocolate, claimed that it’s too rich for after dinner dessert!! – we think she actually like cream much better. And actually, the cake was a 2nd dessert after her papaya and white fungus sweet dessert), but zzz thought why not bake a cake (and we still have the nearby bakeries to save us if anything) since it was a public holiday and we were staying home?

Ah, well, good choice. Result was a yummy one, although the texture and look quite alike to cedele’s carrot cake, yes?

Made us all happy. Happy birthday mummy!!

Nutella cupcakes


Nutella cupcake

Remember the days when life’s little treats meant scooping up dollops of nutella straight from the bottle?

These days, treats could easily mean a $4.50 (blah) cupcakes from one of the cafes in town. Well. $4.50 can also buy us a medium-sized nutella, right?

Ah. I miss those times.