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Ngoh Hiam

ngoh hiam (deep fried meat rolls)

This is one childhood food many of us would reminisce about.

ngoh hiam is a traditional craft of  minced pork mixed with chestnuts, prawns and other species, wrapped in  beancurd skin, steamed and then deep fried. Simple as it sounds, a good ngoh hiam always needs alot of work’, and I guess that’s why most of us can only reminisce now, our modern lifestyles and kitchens are not always fitted for this kind of food.

Anyways. Sorry, no recipes now, my mum always say ‘very easy lah! where got recipes?’ for all her food.


cheese muffins

Most of us love cheese. I know a fair bit of Singaporeans are lactose intolerant (including zzz, to some extent) but despite that, I have not met anyone who doesn’t like cheese. The pieces of soft yummy ‘goo’ melting and swooshing a mix of savory palette sensations in your mouth. Hmm. Who can resist that?

Well, unfortunately,cheese is a luxury produce in Singapore. Even the 12 pack Kraft cheddar cheese we grew up with is not a typical grocery item. But my mum, being ever doting mum, would always buy either the laughing cow brand (which I love to eat as a whole and allow it to slowly melt in my mouth) or the Kraft cheddar pieces  sandwiched in our gardenia breads for breakfast or a snack.  Ah. childhood.

So, you can imagine the happiness (and of course disgust at the exorbitant prices here) when we are in Italy and Australia and we are practically stuffed with infinite choices (ok, i am exaggerating) , all at very affordable prices, yes, even in Euros and Australian dollars.

Anyways.  zzz made this cheese muffins one day. Yummy as it REALLY is. I don’t think this is a potential item to be sold for profit. So, just enjoy baking these, 🙂

Recipe for 12 cheese muffins

1.5 cups all purpose flour
2/3 cup rawsugar
2 tsp baking powder
150g cheddar, grated (approx 2cups)
1 cup milk
1 egg
60g butter, melted and cooled
Finely grated Parmesan or percorino
Mix dry ingredients in a bowl, add cheese and mix well
Whisk the wet ingredients in another bowl
Pour wet into dry, fold 8-10 times. Rest 5 mins
Spoon into lined muffin tins, sprinkle Parmesan or percorino generously. Bake 20-25 mins in 180degC oven.

Bacon & asparagus pasta with baked vegetables

Bacon & Asparagus Pasta

happy vegetables

Speaking of Jamie Oliver in my last post, don’t we all get jealous that he has a backyard full of plump and fresh produce?

Food stuff like vegetables are never out of supply. Ok, I know its TV. But,  I’m still jealous.

zzz made this sometime 2 weeks (or was it more? – i’m such a bad blogger, zzz has to remind me to blog everytime he cooked)

I love love love the baked carrots and beetroots. such a happy sight to see the colors all popping out.

And the pasta. Bacon. enough said.


Olive Fried Rice - YUMS

close-up olive rice

Tom Yum Goong (and i made this!!)

Baked lemongrassy fish

My mum and zzz watch the same types of TV shows.

That’s cooking shows with celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson on Food Network, Asian Food Channel and TLC.

So, both of them are always quite happy to discuss recipes and dishes to try out. My mum with her many years of experience, tends to improvise using her familiar Chinese style of cooking methods and ingredients. zzz, who obviously is the apprentice here usually follows the recipes close. – erm. not that it matters. Both feed me very well 🙂

Anyways. Both of them decided on a Thai theme after watching Jamie Oliver whipping up in his usual effortless way, a baked fish in Thai sauce. Needless to say, the other dishes for the dinner had to follow. Thai food is always a good choice. The sweet, sour, tangy, spiciness going merry-go-round in your taste buds, the warm fuzzy soup and Thai fragrant rice as accompaniment. Hmm.

And the result was simply delicious.  The fish turned out fresh, succulent (although zzz went abit overboard to buy the expensive fish at $40++, which led to a happy uncle and aunties chuckling – 烤不用买那么贵得鱼!! – no need to buy such expensive fish that’s used for baking!)The olive fried rice was easy to make and most importantly (because i made it), the tom yam goong was a breeze. No need for tom yam paste, basic ingredients like fresh prawns, lemongrass, galangal (which looks like young ginger), kaffir lime or lemon leaves and lemon juice did the trick.

erm. Sorry, no recipes.  Lazy me but can’t really get the recipes from zzz now. he is busy baking a nutella tart of tonight’s dinner (friend’s mum is going to cook authentic Sri Lankan food for us!! – wohoo!).