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merry christmas!


So, its Christmas, and zzz is baking fruit cake.

actually, he made 3.

one already eaten, one half stowed in the fridge and one ready to be packed for a colleague.

I never liked fruit cake, previously. The cake i tried were too dry, the candied fruits too sweet, and the combination tasted strange.

zzz’s fruit cake, or actually, its my MIL’s recipe changed this.

now i have delightful, molasses sweet, moist, rum soaked fruit cake, with so much dried fruit,  intensified by the spiciness of rum drowning the golden cake batter.


better watch the intake! ;p


Morning Grocery, dinner salad


sour dough bread from


from the farmer’s market@dempsey:
ripe and juicy pomegranate going at $1 per piece.
sour dough bread (hearty bread which none of us had the patience to learn how to bake one ourselves)
spanish wine
Himalayan fresh organic vegetables and herbs
freedom eggs (wonder what that means)

anyways, that means my dinner tonight was super yummy AND healthy.

Gingerbread man (fail!), cookies (success!)

zzz made gingerbread cookies.

There’s no ‘gingerbread man cookies’ because the ‘man’ didn’t turn out to be ‘manly’.

it looked more like a ‘snowman’. Did manage to salvage a few by post-cookie cutting them into the correct shape.

Ah well.  It tasted yummys.

oversized gingerbread man